Q Can it stop during the cycle and restart during a single cycle?
A Yes. The pauses signal can remove the data acquisition for the unwanted period.

Q Can the upper limit waveform and the lower limit waveform be replaced in the case of production change?
A Yes. The program can be modified to replace the limits automatically. This requires some additional software.

Q ls the alarm output signal triggered after the single cycle is over?
A No. The alarm is triggered within the single data sampling interval. The fastest one is 1 millisecond.

Q How much data can be stored?
A This depends on the capacity of the microSD card. For example, a standard 16GB card can save more than 6,000 cycle waveforms where each cycle has 60,000 data points.

Q What kind of sensor con be connected?
A Any kind of sensor with analog output. The range should be within DC±10V.

Q How many input channels does it have?
A One channel. If several input channels are necessary, several conandesses can be used concurrently.
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